3 Outfits That No One Has The Balls To Wear Except You [STYLE GUIDE]


As you already know, when it comes to that fly shit, there are very few things that we don’t carry on Karmaloop. We stock a huge amount of denim, crewnecks, snapbacks, and kicks as well as a whole world of women’s clothes

There’s only one problem with carrying so many dope items: a lot people are going to want (and cop) the same thing. There isn’t too much worse than showing up to a house party and some dude with a mohawk has the same Diamond Supply crewneck as you do. Style is as much about originality as it is about what’s poppin’. Hell, even Kanye went on stage with a skirt–sorry, a kilt–just to make a statement on individuality separating yourself from the pack.

We happen to be big fans of Ye (win free Yeezus tickets to his concert here), and even bigger fans of individuality. We scoured through Karmaloop to find you some unique outfits that the average Bro won’t have the balls to wear. Check them out.

1. Strapped Up & Blacked Out



The idea of polka dots, a buttondown and sweatpants together would make even the bravest man cringe. But, if you look at the outfit again, you can’t even deny it’s kinda fly. The suspenders give it a formal feel and the matching polka dots give it a cohesive feels. Sweatpants are making a major comeback in fashion, and BBC is one of the best in the game.



An ugly sweater party? A Paul Bunyan Halloween outfit? Nope. The 8-bit duck hunting sweater from Bellfield might be one of our favorite pieces this year, showcasing an unique color palette and graphic. The Rustic trackpants from Vanguard are on a whole new level– since when have elastic-ankled pants gone vintage? The last time we wore such a thing was in third grade, but you better believe we’re copping a pair of these.


If they had to stand alone, both these pieces might be too much to wear. However, bring them together and, voila, peanut butter and jelly. The Cabrini pants from Brooklyn Bandit are perfect for weathering those chilly winter mornings, and NEFF continues to kill the game with this dynamic jacket.

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