5 Ridiculous Beat Makers Everyone Should Know About: [Part 2: Electronic]


Electronic music has permeated every conceivable style of music and now the term refers more to a production process than a style. In the beginning, the constraints of the equipment kept the musical options limited–for example, a step-sequence drum machine allowed you to make a finite number of patterns with a finite number of sounds. But now, with just a computer, you can create and process any sound no matter what your level of proficiency. While this has allowed a lot more people to make a lot more different sounds, it’s upped the ante. You can’t just play a raw patch on any synth and expect credit. Really good electronic music is made with immense attention to every detail, and the true performance occurs in your headphones. Every year, the style gets better and better, more and more people engage in it, and things get more experimental. There’s a lot more stuff to wade through, but it’s worth it when you find the good stuff.

Here are 5 ridiculous electronic beat makers that are absolutely killing it in the game. 

Himuro Yoshiteru – Tokyo, Japan

This is one of the best-produced electronic music albums to ever come out, and that’s not embellishing. Listen for 30 seconds and find out. Fun fact: this dude is on Worm Interface, Squarepusher’s first label.

Ill release: Our Turn, Anytime

Datacat – Los Angeles, CA, USA

This is truly horrific music, but not in the noisy, painful way. It’s moody and intense. Plenty of dark, cutting sounds, but the thrill is in the silent spots.

Ill release: 9doors

Herobust – Atlanta, GA, USA

This kid is probably the closest on this list to becoming huge. He’s got a pretty accessible style, but it doesn’t sacrifice nuanced production by any means. Big time sound.

Ill release: Rob & Hood

Siriusmo – Berlin, Germany

A massive talent endorsed by German techno gods Modeselektor (they started the Monkeytown label for him) who hates performing live, and so has not popped off the way he should have. With his heavy synth style, Siriusmo is like a cross between Squarepusher and Stevie Wonder, the latter of which is referenced in Siriusmo’s music liberally.

Ill release: Enthusiast

Dolor – USA

This lord of dark beats first made his name known with DRUGS, a 2011 collaboration with Brainfeeder/Ninja Tune artist Lorn. You can tell which elements he brought to that masterpiece, and his own work cuts deep.

Ill release: DRUGS

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    December 9, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Here is another one you should know about, he’s French and he’s killer :

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