5 Ridiculous Beat Makers Everyone Should Know About: [Part 1: Boom Bap]


Instrumental hip hop is a genre unto itself, and it has evolved on it’s own in different parts of the world. When you hear the beat makers from a scene in Berlin, or Tokyo, or Montreal, you can hear the classic influences that they took to heart and built an entire music-making culture around. A lot of these places embraced 90s era rap far beyond the appreciation it receives even in the US, and today they are packed with young beat makers who carry that influence, relying on samples and keeping their kicks and snares right on the beat. There are a lot of these producers. Almost too many to keep up with. We sift through the pile so you don’t have to.

Here are five ridiculous boom bap beatmakers everyone should know about.

Brock Berrigan –  Englewood, NJ, USA

Prolific producer of some of the funkiest sample-based boom bap beats on the east coast. Plus you never catch him without a chicken mask on. Look out for him in an upcoming episode of The Controllerist.

Ill release: Good Company

Torky Tork – Berlin, Germany

This kid’s style is so distinct whether he’s cutting samples from old Syrian music or chopping up a classic German TV crime drama.

Ill release: PR110

The ARE – Houston, TX, US

Best known as the original producer for Bronx Science outfit Bronx Science, this cat’s beats for their 2001 album Universal were in the style of Primo and Pete Rock and are absolutely killer.

Ill release: K-Otix Universal Instrumentals

Juj – Los Angeles, CA, US

This homey of the WEDIDIT collective often drops gems that are promoted by his better-known compadres, but any true head has hear a Juj beat or two before. He’s like the white Dibia$e.

Ill release: Walnut

Spills – New York, NY, US

Our very own GURU managing editor Spills is a master of the drunken style beat and his releases are a perennial Reddit sensation.

Ill release: Feel Free

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