Getting Money For Doing Nothing: 5 Things We Learned From A Porn Site Owner


Reddit AMAs (“Ask Me Anything”) provide valuable insight into a lot of different shit. From Barack Obama to Brian Cranston to some random dude who was on male birth control, you’ll find all sorts of interesting folks sharing their stories and answering random questions every day. Yesterday, we had the unique pleasure of six hours with the owner of a major porn website. Here’s a short list of what we learned from this fascinating educational experience.

1. Financial Domination is a thing

Financial domination is a fetish where men, who are usually in powerful corporate positions, want to give up control. They’re usually in charge, but this lets them not be. Sometimes it’s via video chat, sometimes it’s just a video they purchase, but every time it has to do with being called names, being told they’re not good enough, and that they’re just worthless “pay piggies.” The girls will demand the men give them money, and they do. Usually there’s not even any nudity unless it’s the man getting naked. I’ve seen some crazy shit with FinDom. Guys with broomsticks up their asses and women’s clothes on… whatever the girl wants to do to humiliate the guy.

Sometimes they let the girls control their computer remotely with access to go through their email, send themselves money, etc, while they just watch with their dick in their hand. It’s odd and I don’t understand it, but again, I’m not here to judge. I’m here to make money.

One studio I know demanded a man buy her a brand new BMW M3 convertible, and he did. He gave her $10k in cash per month until it was paid off. That’s an $80k car.

2. Porn Site Owners Make BANK

Do you make enough to live comfortably?

Yes. I grossed just shy of $300,000 last year. I drive a Mercedes and live in a luxury apartment in an expensive area of the country.

3. Running a Porn Site is Expensive as Shit

Whats the most expensive part of building a porn site?

It’s a challenging industry. Things that would take 20 minutes on a normal business can take days in the adult industry. (finding a payment processor, for example) A redtube-style site would be quite a challenge, financially, I think. Policing it could also be pretty difficult.

The most expensive part for me, since I did all of my own design and programming, was getting VISA/MC approval for a high risk account. VISA has a $1000 annual fee and MC has a $500 annual fee, at least through my payment processor. Fees are also ass-rapingly high.

It was very difficult in the beginning. Luckily my consultant, the girl who convinced me to start the site, is a studio herself and knows a lot of the top studios. We went after the top studios and offered them better percentages and it worked. We now have 751 studios, 19,138 videos, and approximately 5000 visits per day, a good number of which are sent directly from the studios to purchase on the site or send a tribute.

4. Running a Porn Site Is Easy as Shit

The entire site is completely automated. All I do is approve the invoices in our online accounting software and handle customer support, which takes maybe an hour a week. Getting money for doing nothing is exactly what you should be aiming for if you want to make lots of money. I can’t see myself becoming wealthy while working for someone else.

5. Middle Eastern Men Love Porn

Have you noticed any issues with piracy?

Occasionally. I’ve found most people who spend money on the site either don’t want to share something they’ve paid for, or would have an incredibly difficult time doing so.

What I mean is, a good portion of our demographic are middle-eastern men proxying through misc servers all over the US. They’d have a rough time uploading clips to another site.


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