6minLP: Disclosure’s Settle Condensed Into 6 Minutes

To many of us, the resurgence of four-to-the-floor dance music has been a bewildering journey into the past, revisiting things that were once cool and that we could have sworn were now cheesy. But lo and behold, the same synths and blippy drums are back because the generation listening has an attention span too short to recall that this all happened once before a decade ago.

Disclosure came out of nowhere to be one of the biggest electronic music groups in this brave new/old world, and I’ll be damned if I know why. Impassioned vocals over electro beats? Heard it a million times. I initially decided to edit this album into a 6minLP simply because Disclosure popped so much this year, but by the time I completed it, I actually redeveloped some of my taste for this style of music.

Nevertheless, there’s no way you have the time or mental space to sit around and listen to an entire record of this stuff. So here’s the abridged version. Disclosure’s Settle in six minutes. Enjoy.

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