OG Street Artist Kenny Scharf Is Still Hitting The Streets Of New York


Over the last week or so, there’s been a steady crew of artists and ladders congregating by the Soho Park (which happens to be right down the street from our office). So we decided to go down there and see what was going on. We grabbed some cameras, our best photographers and set up shop this past weekend to see what we could capture from the process.

The mural is the work of Brooklyn-based painter, Kenny Scharf. Scharf, best known for his work in the Manhattan art scene, was one of the few individuals who got to create an original piece of work with the legendary Keith Haring. To call him an OG would be an understatement, as he has watched the graffiti scene in NYC unfold since the mid 1980s, even being apart of major projects like the Bowery Mural. And despite being a professional artist who regularly shows at respected museums and galleries (going on three decades now), apparently he’s still finds time to hit the streets, having gotten himself  arrested for graffiti last year in Brooklyn.

Turns out, the Soho mural Scharf is working on is the the first phase of the #TBTSH20 campaign for a new beverage company called Wat-Aah. From what we can tell, Wat-Aaah is a conscious brand focused on making it cool for people to drink water again. Not sugar water, not “vitamin” water, not “smart” water, just water. Definitely can’t be mad at that.

Check out some of our photos of Scharf and his team working in Soho. 

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