Accessorize Like A Witch [Halloween Style Guide]

Despite what J.K. Rowling was peddling us for the greater part of the nineties and early aughts, being a witch isn’t all quidditch and butter beer. Brooms might not be essential sporting instruments and you might never have an owl deliver your mail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little magickal. By the way, in real life? They spell it with a “k”!

Happy Halloween, or “Samhain,” as real life witches call it–the beginning of the darker half of the year. Now that you know that everything you knew about being a witch is wrong, where do you begin if you want to get things right?

Set the scene… You can’t practice magick if you’re not in a magickal environment. Put yourself in a magickal mood…this can mean anything you personally associate with the magick. The traditional approach is the creepy and the macabre (check out that dead horse!), but don’t forget: astrology and nature are also important parts of the magickal world.


Get yourself a grimoire or a book of spells. This is where you’ll write down what works and what doesn’t…witches don’t have a Bible, but they do keep meticulous track of what they’ve learned along the way. Grimoires are believed to have intrinsic magical power.


Find a pentagram. The pentagram, a five-pointed star, is one of the most important symbols there is to witches. The points are supposed to represent the four elements and the spirit, at the uppermost point. The circle around the star represents unity, infinity, the goddess and protection.

Candles are an integral part of witchery. They’ve been used as witches’ tools for centuries. Candles are supposed to increase magical power by absorbing the practicer’s personal energy and then re-releasing it into the environment. Candles can also work as a guide. If your flame goes out…maybe you should stop what your’e doing!


The moon is an extremely important part of many spells. Unfortunately, not all of us, especially the city dwellers, can see the moon easily… so a substitute might be necessary.


Last but not least, if you want to be a witch, you gotta look like one.  Try layering jewelry, black, flowing fabrics, mesh, dark colored cosmetics like black eyeshadow or purple lipstick and implementing witch-y imagery, like pentagrams and cats. The Craft is a great launching point for style inspiration.


Next week, join us as we explore real life demons…And how to become one.




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