Action Bronson Body Slams A Skinny Pre-Teen For Acting Up At His Show

If you’ve ever wondered why people consider Action Bronson one of the realest, bat-shit-craziest, funniest artists in the game, just click play above. On a recent tour stop in Seattle, Bronson came back out for an encore only to be annoyed by some skinny pre-teen bro who decided to jump on stage and join him in the middle of his raps. Uh, bad idea, dude.

As security rushed to deal with the degenerate fanboy, Bronson calmly decided to take matters into his own hands. With his microphone still in his left palm, Bronson deftly picks the lil homie up, throws him over his shoulder and pummels him hard into the first row. We actually had to replay it seven times.

This video had us thinking, out of all the rappers to bumrush on stage, why you would chose Action? This man’s whole life is about eating rare lamb cutlets and fine Alaskan salmon, damnnit! You don’t think all that clean protein would lead to superhuman demonstrations of strength?! Click the video and enjoy the shenanigans. If you don’t “LOL” on this one, there might be something wrong with you.

Lucky for us, we happen to be good friends with Bronson. Check out all the debauchery from the last time we had him in our studio to host #Freakathon: 


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