Action Bronson Strikes Again! Watch As He Fades A Rent-A-Cop For Stealing His Weed

Days after body slamming a teenager into the first row, Action Bronson is back at it with his concert antics. Except this time, he takes it to a whole new level and gets on his Fuck The Police swag. During his tour stop in Oregon last night, Action took the liberty to pick up and light a joint thrown on stage by an adoring fan. And how can you blame the man?

Well, the local concert “security” guy didn’t quite like Bronson’s course of action (ha!), and proceeded to put him in a some type of strange, half-headlock in effort to wrestle the joint away. Uh, nah, bro, that was a bad move. Bronson then shoves him into the shadows and squares off for his next move, after which it goes all downhill for the guard. Click play above to watch how it all went down.

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