Adidas Gets Nostalgic Enough To Bring Kareem Out Of Retirement


Just in time for spring, Adidas brings back a tried and true classic in the Abdul-Jabbar lows. Inspired by the Lakers legend, with all the detailing from the original model from the ’70s, these probably won’t help you skyhook but might get you a few shorties to give you their number.

Perfect to be worn with tapered khakis, denim or shorts, this is a versatile pair that can be flexed however you need it. Click below to shop from a wide selection of Adidas kicks on Karmaloop, including Superstars, Gazelles, XZ 750s, and more. Karmaloop_Guru_Shop_Brand

adidas-originals-2014-spring-abdul-jabbar-low-2 adidas-originals-2014-spring-abdul-jabbar-low-3

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