Does Your Umbrella Have Boobies? We Didn’t Think So.


We can’t name a single person in the world who likes to carry an umbrella. They are awkward, ugly and most of the time you take them, you don’t even end up using them. Sounds like a great time, right? Nah.

Well, Akomplice might’ve just given us a reason to finally want to change that. How did they do it? By using bobbies. Yes, boobies. Aptly titled “Paradise,” this is what we wished our umbrella looked like in middle school when our mom would make us take that hideous plaid one from the bucket in the front. And the best part is to everyone around you it will look like every other normal black umbrella, until you lift your head and end up in…well, paradise.

Scroll through the photos and grab one today at Karmaloop.

_MG_8877_MG_8886  _MG_8894


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