What If Album Covers Were Gifs? XL’s “GIFMAS” & Vampire Weekend Makes it Real


When long time Karmaloop creative dude @LILINTERNET was asked by legendary record label XL Recordings to create a gif of Vampire Weekend‘s album cover for “Modern Vampires of the City,” he knew exactly what to do.

He quickly teamed up with VA filmmakers Richard Perkins and John Sebastian Vitale, sampling clips from their epic film “Magick Margaritaville,” and came up with THIS:


Evil demon skateboarders and goth teen hotties really makes us get into the Christmas spirit, how about you?  Here we have Paulo Ceric taking on Sigur Ros in another light hearted gif for the holidays (sure to be a hit with mom!)


Finally Mr. Gif went wild with office favorite King Krule:


We here at GURU are very pro-animated gif, and we hope XL’s “GIFMAS” leads to no image ever being unanimated again.

Watch these GIFs on repeat in some matching Black Scale gear. 

The Lunar Moon Scale Tee in BlackThe Lunar Moon Scale Tee in Black

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