Alchemist And Prodigy Together In A Nasty Bathroom

We love interviewing hip hop legends in weird places. Alchemist, if you didn’t know, is a hip hop production god. We’re talking Nas, B-Real, Jadakiss, Dialated Peoples, Action Bronson… his production credit list is god damn rap-star phonebook. The dude is Eminem’s DJ. It doesn’t get more official.

When we caught up with him and Prodigy of Mobb Deep at Atlanta hip hop festival A3C this year, they initially wanted to do the interview in the posh green room. We refused, insisting that we conduct the interview in the nastiest location we could find, which–as anyone who’s ever been to any music festival can attest–was the bathroom.

Peep the interview above to get the low down on new shit in the pipes (PUN!), the music-making process (“…the songs make us”), their motivation to keep going, and much more.

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