Brand Spotlight: The Allston Outfitter “Electric Jungle” Lookbook


Combining a classic American streetwear aesthetic with trippy hip-hop and skate/surf vibes, Allston Outfitter stands out amongst a sea of flat and filtered menswear. With elements of skate, work-wear and high-fashion, this hard-hitting label is making waves by not fitting into any one stereotype.

Though the market will always be saturated with new brands, The Allston Outfitter is hitting the right mark with a directional and progressive approach, while remaining completely accessible to many different types of men. Taking elements of classic Americana, like camouflage or bandana print, and putting a street spin on it has been tried and retried. But Allston Outfitter mixes these iconic prints and patterns in such an updated and bold way that we forget they didn’t invent this look on their own. Plus they aren’t afraid to add bright neons, flashy prints and unexpected textures for a more avante-garde appeal.

Recently The Allston Outfitter teamed up with Nylon Guys, Jock The Hall Agency and Photogs JD Barnes and Creative Director Kimiko to inject life into their latest collection resulting in a trippy new lookbook. Check out a few of our favorite looks below: (Most notably The Allston Outfitter Jogger Sweatpants).





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