We, Too, Love Black Timbs And Black Hoodies

Biggie said it best. That sentence applies to a lot of things–he’s one of a rare breed of artists that have proven themselves to posses longevity. How much you wanna bet that if you walk into a club five years from now, you’ll hear “Hypnotize” bumping at least once. Watch the amazing (but shitty quality) video above of an old school show that Biggie rocked with Method Man. Watch his crowd control. Watch his swag. If nothing else, the guy was one of a kind.

His style always matched his lyrics–dark as shit. Whether dressing ominously like a 1920’s bootlegger in a three-piece suit with a bowler or rocking the quintessentially Brooklyn hoodie x sweatpants x Timbs, his outfits emanated danger.

However, our love for hoodies and timbs goes beyond darkness. You can, in fact, be a cheerful, fresh-lookin’ chap while rocking that shit. To show you what we mean, we put together this special style guide dedicated to one of our favorite MCs of all time, featuring our favorite Boots & Hoodies on Karmaloop.

The Breezy Excursion Chiefs Hoody in Black



Rep the Chiefs and look good doing it in this red and black hoody from Breezy Excursion. It features a front kangaroo pocket, drawstrings, long sleeves, a center front graphic of the letter B in a Native American headdress, as well as the word ‘CHIEFS’ printed across the back.

Timberland Earthkeepers Hookset Oxford Sneaker


Earthkeepers are super light-weight. Crafted from 100% organic cotton canvas, they’ve got durability and breathability during warmer weather. This eco-conscious shoe features 100% organic cotton laces, natural latex for the footbed and outsole and rustic leather accent pieces, so you’ll enjoy the cool comfort and style of canvas shoes that are kinder to the environment.


The LRG Hideout 47 Pullover Hoody



This LRG hoodyfeatures a giraffe print lining, the classic giraffe graphic on the front, drawstrings, and a kangaroo pocket–with jeans and boots, you’ll have that casual yet ready to stomp look poppin’.

The 6″ Inch Iron Ranger Boot¬†


OK, OK we know, these aren’t Timbs but these Red Wings are too fly to leave off this list. They¬†feature slightly worn detailing, reinforced toe and heel sections, and those skinny boot laces like your grandad’s old workshoes. Gotta have it.


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