Altamont Sets The Bar For The Summer With Their New Collection


Altamont continues its impressive run at the top, with one of the cleaner Summer lines we’ve seen from anyone this season. Fusing the perfect blend of summer brights and subtle pieces, this collection will be sure to give you a few ideas for the months ahead.

Rugged yet stylish, Altamont brings out the tanks, shorts, tees and caps for a wavy summer palette. Definitely a more boyish look and feel, this brings us back to some of our best memories, which included ice cream, girls and running from the police. Except not in that order.

Scroll through the product photos and click below to get your Altamont fix on right now.


CTA_altamontaltamont-spring-summer-2014-5 altamont-spring-summer-2014-4 altamont-spring-summer-2014-3 altamont-spring-summer-2014-1



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