Another Freakathon Recap, This Time With More Boobs And Twerking

The Freakathon is such a mind-bending experience that we often wake up the next morning in a pile of empty liquor bottles and ladies underwear with no recollection of the night. That’s why we were thankful someone was taking photos, and even more thankful that someone had the resilience to sift through the 12 hours of Livestream footage and put together a video recap.

The above video pretty much sums up the whole evening, including Action Bronson‘s regal presence in the Christmas throng, every flight of strippers (there were at least three flights), and callers saying dirty, unspeakable things to Angela Yee, Leah McSweeney, and Carissa Rossi.

That was insane. Let’s do it again! Tune in to our SECOND FREAKATHON OF THE HOLDIAY SEASON tomorrow starting at 9pm EST. Check back on GURU for details. 

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