ASAP Rocky Gets Behind The Boards To Release Two New Instrumentals

ASAP Rocky has been screaming about his new instrumental album for a long time now, and he finally debuts two of them today. Though Rocky is known for flexing on the mic, the world has yet to see his chops as a producer.

The first sampling off the album titled Beauty N the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions Chapter 1,┬áis Riot Rave features “Harlem Shake” DJ Baauer and is more of a short film than an instrumental; we didn’t really feel the beat locking into any specific groove and though the syncopated snares were a nice touch, it didn’t really bring the beat home for us.

The second offering, titled Unicorn, seems to be identified by the folks at Pigeons and Planes as a Tame Impala song slowed down considerably. Hm. Granted it may not be the most creative thing, but this one at least sounds like it would be a dope companion if you were sitting with a cup of that purple.

Though we weren’t floored by these two joints, we don’t actually except Rocky to disappoint us so our ears are peeled for the next teaser.



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