Asphalt Yacht Club Is Ready To Grind It Out This Summer [Lookbook]


Whether you’re into hip-hop, skating or just clean streetwear, Asphalt Yacht Club is the only place you need to be at. Their Summer Collection features legendary skateboarder Stevie Williams, Bow Wow and more and gives us the most diverse collection that we’ve seen from them yet.

Featuring a couple different pallets including the standard all-black everything and more graphic design based skatewear, Asphalt is making it clear that they intend to stand out of the pack this summer. Scroll through the product photos and click over to head to Karmaloop to get your hands on the full selection right now.  Karmaloop_Guru_Shop_Brand Asphalt-Yacht-Club-Summer-2014-Collection-Lookbook-02-570x354Asphalt-Yacht-Club-Summer-2014-Collection-Lookbook-03-570x354Asphalt-Yacht-Club-Summer-2014-Collection-Lookbook-04Asphalt-Yacht-Club-Summer-2014-Collection-Lookbook-06-570x354Asphalt-Yacht-Club-Summer-2014-Collection-Lookbook-05-570x354

Images via FreshnessMag.

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