Stop Self-Snitching: Rappers Instagram Leads to Biggest NYC Gun Bust Ever



Bad move.

We’ve seen people do a lot of stupid, stupid shit in their quest to become the next Rick Ross. But this guy takes the cake.

Neno Best, aspiring rapper, was selling guns out of his recording studio in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn. We do not approve. He then decided to post about it on Instagram. WE DO NOT APPROVE!

NYPD narcotics officers noticed. They passed the buck to an undercover officer, who started looking into Neno’s operation last year. One year and 552 counts of gun-running later, the NYPD seized 243¬†handguns, nine rifles, and two shotguns–the largest gun seizure in the city’s history.

There’s a two-part moral to this story:

1. Don’t do illegal shit.

2. If you do, don’t post about it on social media.

The ironic thing about this whole saga is that going to prison will likely be the greatest thing that could possibly happen for Neno’s rap career that could possibly happen. Fuck it, let’s push things forward for him. Check out his awful mixtapes on Datpiff. And below check out something that I believe is a music video shot on a Motorola Star Tac.

We’re not into guns at Karmaloop, unless they are firing mustard onto our hotdog.


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