Asshole of the Internet: A Safe Place For Christians Who Have A Furry Fetish

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At this point, everyone knows about furries, that friendly niche of folks who get turned on by dressing up like anthropomorphic, usually bipedal animals. So, think Chuck E. Cheese with a boner.


Their existence was brought to my attention in 2002 thanks to Neopets. As you can imagine, Neopets is probably the worst place for a ten year old to learn about furries… Rule 34 (link NSFW), anyone?

Since then, morbid curiosity has driven me to periodically  google the movement and think to myself, “Man, whatever else I’m into, at least it’s not this.”

My latest Google adventure brought THIS to my attention. Granted, they’re not furry Wiccans, but this is still pretty damn amazing. They don’t think furries are the body and blood of Christ or anything, which a part of me was hoping they did. The fellowship is just a safe space for furries who also happen to be Christian, as stated on their website.

“Many people, including some Christians, don’t understand what furries are. They’re convinced that we’re crazies or sexual deviants or satan worshipers. At the very least, this makes it hard to open up, and disrespect and abuse from Christians who don’t understand them has turned many furries off to Christ. This fellowship is a place where we can be ourselves and encourage one another in genuine love, and when apart, demonstrate the true love of God as we bring the gospel to unsaved furs.”


As far as crazy beliefs go, though, they do say that they think Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is a saint. That is not actually hard to argue with unless he turns out to be a pederast.

It’s a real shame because it looks like this site hasn’t been updated since 2009. I think I might try to work to bring it back.


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