Asshole of the Internet: Hybristerotica, the Murder Worshiping Tumblr

Donkeys of the interwebs.

This may be the most twisted tumblr yet. Obsessive-compulsively googling the Boston Marathon Bombing is what led me to this gem:

Now, the #freejahar crowd—or “leave the chickens,” as they’re known among insiders—typically consists of well-meaning, albeit super misguided, conspiracy theorist teen girls who think Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent. Not only that, but they think he’s pretty hot, too. Dude’s a wrestler. And SWIM definitely bought that issue of Rolling Stone.

But the folks at Hybristoerotica? Not so much. Nah, these guys are a completely different breed. They are unabashedly turned on by murder. I’ve never seen such an audacious display of lady boners in my life. Here are a few of my favorite submissions to the site….

A not funny meme of the Columbine shooting.

WHO’S telling you that? WHO is a lot of people? You need new friends if your friends are telling you that you’d LOOK CUTE with Dylan Klebold. Seriously, show me the conversation where that would come up. Also, here’s a head’s up: he’s dead. He killed himself.

This is not funny either.

Or he’d just BITE THEM OFF. You know, being a cannibal and everything. The emoticon was a nice touch though.

What is going on here?

I hope to GOD that this is making fun of this blog. I almost feel guilty leaving this girl’s real face in. Like, there’s no way this isn’t a parody of the site, right?

Not remotely funny.

Here’s an opinion you see a shit ton on this site. No. Your pussy wouldn’t have save Dylan. Your pussy wouldn’t have prevented Columbine. (Or is the implication that it would have just prevented the double suicide?) But for argument’s sake, let’s say it did… If he didn’t shoot up his high school, would you still want his posthumous dick? Yeah. I didn’t think so.

And I thought I was fucked up for buying that copy of Rolling Stone. I mean. For my friend.

Speaking of assholes, twisted memes, and the internet, check out the latest episode of #RAVE4EVAR hosted by the inimitable @LILINTERNET.

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