Babes At The Museum Mixtape Vol. 4 [NEW MUSIC]

Few things make a dreary Monday better than a new mix from our homies over at Babes At The Museum. Weekend had this to say about the project: “inspirational-deep-cuts like Halcyon On+On, Strangelove, and On The Air have always been close to our hearts.”

This tape also features a few lesser-known bands including Grey Zine from Pennsylvania, Cool Angels, Ashrae Fax from North Carolina and a lil’ something from a post-hardcore teen group called We Followed Tigers.

After a few listens, it’s obvious to us that a lot of time went into this project. The dreamy soundscapes mix seamlessly with the fast-paced pop, and the minimal breakdowns really give it a unique, eclectic feel. The stand-out track is “Nuance” by Cool Angles, a subdued, reverb-ed-out instrumental track that would be perfect listening while chilling quietly with your boo by a fire on the beach. Almost sounds like Nujabes-meets-The Weeknd… we dig it.

According to Weekend, “the order of these songs was also very considered, so always listen front to back–perhaps while making out at the MoMA.” Sounds good to us.

Stream the new mixtape from Babes At The Museum: HERE (via Mixcloud)

If you’re feeling this mix from Weekend, don’t miss them on their remaining U.S. Tour Dates:

Weekend Remaining U.S. Tour Dates

10/22 Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands Gallery ¥
10/24 Montreal, QC – Il Motore ¥
10/25 Toronto, ON – The Garrison ¥
10/26 Rochester, NY – Bug Jar
¥ = w/ Disappears

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