Back To Cool: All Blue Everything [STYLE GUIDE]


Blue is the new Black. Chambray and Denim dominating the market over the last couple seasons is indicative of this. Many brands are starting to push out pieces in hues of blue as opposed to the traditional all black, and we feel this trend will fully blow up this fall.

If you have been following the Back To Cool series, you know we can help you get a step up on your competition. Check out the dopest all blue items for the fall season:

1. Crooks and Castles – Long Range Buttondown

Crooks is a go-to street wear brand for stars such as Jay-Z, Drake, Karrueche and more. Pair this with some black denim or corded khakis and you are good to go. All-over print is the move right now, and this shirt features little dart boards on it. Throw this on and be the target of your favorite girl’s affection.

2. Entree – Retrowashed 5Panel Hat

This five panel from Entree is dope for two reasons: the faded, suede material and the dynamics shades of blue. Rock this with a khaki fall jacket or a buttondown and be ready to shine on campus.

3. Domo Beads

Life is about the details, and accessorizing is key. Match these with your sneakers when wearing a white t-shirt, or pair them with a cozy crewneck next time you step out to handle some errands.

4. Nixon – Newton Digital Watch

This watch is made for the street wear enthusiast. The rubber band gives it the ability to handsomely weather the elements and the unique digital time display will definitely get some attention.

Back to Cool


5. New Balance – 1500 Elite Edition

Hell. Yeah. New Balance has made a strong resurgence back into the street wear scene this year and these might be our favorite pair. The royal suede uppers distinguish these from every other sneaker on your block right now. Pair these with some khakis for before heading to watch football next Sunday.

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If you already have these New Balances and need to diversify your footwear rotation, check out last week’s Back To Cool featuring wingtip loafers.  

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