Back To Cool: Camo’d Down To My Boxers [STYLE GUIDE]


“I’m camo’d down to my boxers, gold teeth, A Bathing Ape.”

A$AP Rocky

First popularized by NY rappers such as Nas, Naughty by Nature and Mobb Deep during the mid-90s, camouflage has made a strong resurgence into street wear over the last year. What makes camo so popular is it goes with nearly anything, including more formal outfits. With fall foliage setting in soon, splashing some camo into your wardrobe will equip you well the next time you go “bird watching.”

We took some time to find the dopest camo pieces out right now. Check ’em out and get Camo’d Down To Your Boxers, fool.



1. Billionaire Boys Club The Camo Polo in Army Green

Nobody gets it poppin’ like BBC does. Who ever thought you’d be able to pull off a camo polo shirt? Move aside grandpa, it’s over for you and your vomit green polo shirts.


2. Reebok Shaqnosis Sneaker in Cargo Army Green / LRG Core Collection Panda Camo Crew Socks / HUF Camo Volley 

With the return of the Shaqnosis, you know Reebok had to hypnotize you with some new colorways. These joints are super clean, mostly due to the the subtle suede green uppers and camo sock liner. If you’re gonna have some ill sneakers on, you can’t ignore the socks and these LRG Panda Camo ones are perfect. Round it out with the HUF 5-panel and you will be the flyest guy on campus without a doubt.

3. 10 DEEP Ground Troops Buttondown 

Pair this with some black or khaki denim and you will be stunting. The best thing about this is, that it’s Tiger camo which isn’t as common as other patterns you’ll see. Stand out and blend in at the same time. Priceless.


4. Crooks and Castles Firing Squad Vest

Crooks does it again with their take on duck hunting camo. This vest combines patches, quilt and suede all into one clean design. A must have.


5. Standard and Grind Splatter Blue Camo Raglan

Standard and Grind gives us a nice fall piece, keeping it casual and distinctive at the same time. We are really feeling this one.

6. Obey Layover Bubble Camo Pants

Slim fit? Check. Urban camo? Check. Reputable brand? Check. Pick these up for a refreshing take on camo pants and a little versatility in your wardrobe.


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