Back to Cool: The 5 Best Back To School Outfits For Girls [STYLE GUIDE]

It’s time to say goodbye to shorts unaccompanied by tights, beach days, and drinking PBR in the back of your Ford Focus– I mean, “going to the mall with some friends.”

That’s right, it’s fall, or as it’s known to most people between the ages of 5 to 22, back to school season. But just because your day is gonna be ruled by three to eight hours of class (depending on where you are in your educational journey), it doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it. You might be bored out of your mind, but at least you’ll be cute. And in the end, isn’t that all that really matters?

To make your life easier, we took some time to find you the most appropriate looks for this season. Here are our 5 Best Back To School Outfits.

1. Influenced by Japanese street style and tumblr cuties like Molly Soda, this outfit is the perfect marriage of punk and pastel. If you’d try to rock this in August, you’d die of a heat stroke, but fortunately autumn affords you the thermic luxury of wearing a leather jacket. The jacket might be the centerpiece of this ensemble, but it’s the creepers, mainstay in any punk wardrobe, that bring this look to perfection.


Girls2. This outfit is the epitome of fall fashion: the rust color, knits, knee socks. Taking a definite cue from the runways at NYFW, this outfit is drawing on some this season’s biggest trends. If you want to be super stylish, try pairing it with some over-the-knee boots a la Phillip Lim and Balmain, but the tan Hoxton shoes might be easier to maneuver in in school.The sweater dress is a little heavy, so admittedly, will work best in cooler climates–sorry, Southerners! The feather necklace is gentle, giving the overall look an elegant flavor.


3. This outfit monopolizes on the classic school girl aesthetic. The best thing about it is it’s so versatile and with very minor changes, can be tweaked to fit your back-to-school personality. Whether you’re looking to channel whether you’re looking to channel Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World or Cher from Clueless–it can be done. The Doc Martens and tank  definitely take the grungier route, but it would work just as well with a button down and loafers.



4. The 50’s, Rockabilly girl look  is quickly becoming iconic and timeless–after its comeback, it never left. Don’t forget the bandana and earrings, because this is what will really bring the whole outfit together. The best thing about this outfit? It’s girly without being too overdone. This is not an outfit that will slow you down.



5. This outfit is perfect for those days you just don’t give a fuck, but you just can’t bring yourself to show up to class in a pair of sweat pants. High school or college, Algebra or that shitty philosophy class you still don’t know why you signed up for (and better yet, you’re mystified as to why you haven’t dropped), this works. Low maintenance, relaxed, this look prioritizes comfort without sacrificing aesthetics…or making you look lazy. Plus, it looks great with a messy bun, low ponytail, or better yet, just bed head.



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