Bad Girl Meme: Why Did Medusa Become a Staple of Streetwear??


By @Melizards

The most infamous female monster of Greek mythology, Medusa, has become a staple of streetwear culture in the past decade, which can be attributed to the iconic Versace logo adorned with her face. Hip-hop artists name-dropping the Versace brand lead to Medusa’s ultimate inclusion in streetwear culture. Who could forget the classic line “Medusa head on me like I’m ‘luminati” from “Versace” by Migos?? The rapping duo even sport dreads that resemble Medusa’s hair.

According to Greek mythology Medusa was a monster of the Gorgon variety. The Gorgons included Medusa and her two sisters, Stheno and Euryale. All three Gorgon sisters flaunted a disheveled head of hair made of venomous snakes and beady eyes that turned onlookers into stone. Basically, the Gorgon sisters were bad bitches, feared throughout Greece. The origin of their name comes from the word “gorgos” which means terrible or dreadful.

Unfortunately, Medusa was the only mortal Gorgon sister, and she eventually faced an imminent death. The hero Perseus beheaded Medusa and used her head as a weapon until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield. So why is this evil lady’s menacing face featured on streetwear apparel?? Well, guys love bad bitches, that’s their f’in problem. Apparently sculptors and vase-painters of the fifth century began to envision Medusa as being beautiful as well as terrifying. Talk about love/hate relationships!

According to other legends Medusa was once so beautiful that she seduced Poseideon, the god of the sea. The two of them did the dirty inside Athena’s temple…and she was not pleased. Athena then cursed Medusa with the fangs and lethal hair of snakes. Maybe all of those guys she turned to stone got hard in more ways than one ;;)

Rock snakes on a plain white tee and more with Karmaloop’s Medusa inspired picks.


Defyant’s Medusa Sub Crew and Medusa Tee feature a classic greek mythological representation of the bad bitch herself.


Two Chainz + Two Fangz, rock Medusa ’round your neck with Monsieur’s The Medusa Necklace in Antique Silver and Gunmetal.


Venomous swag for the ladies, The Indigo Camo Medusa Tank in Black and Heather Gray by Crooks and Castles pair nicely with acid washed shorts.


The Versace-inspired Gold CZ Greek Key Medusa Medallion Bracelet by King Ice adds serious bling to your summer wardrobe.

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