Banksy Continues Adding Nazis To Paintings And Reselling Them For Way Too Much


This week, elusive graffiti artist Banksy added a Nazi  to a painting he found at Housing Works, a thrift shop in New York City. Now, the store is auctioning off the redesigned painting for close to close to $200,000. But why should Housing Works be the only ones who are getting their merchandise cranked up in value? Museums and art galleries the world over are apparently flocking to Banksy, asking him if he’ll spread the love. Well, he picked his four favorite paintings and added some Third Reich flare:


Who needs American Gothic when you have American History X? Starting big: $800K

A Pastoral Landscape with Shepherds and their Flocks is now A Pastoral Landscape with Shepherds and their Flocks and a Nazi. Starting bid: $1.3 milion.
And last but not least, the final painting lucky enough to be graced by the hands of Banksy during this campaign, is the less famous masterpiece The Anatomy Lesson of Mr. Bird as Mein Anatomy Lesson. 
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