Bas And J. Cole Make Bail And Get Wavy In Their Latest Video

Bas is the latest emcee on the rise out of [emuze]J. Cole[/emuze]’s Dreamville crew from North Carolina. After achieving major crossover success off of his last album, Cole has been able to slowly start putting his homies on without it looking forced, and Bas is definitely one ready for the spotlight.

The video for “My` N*gga Just Made Bail” shows Bas and Cole in full celebration after their homie gets out of jail, enjoying the typical rap fare of pretty women, liquor and sun. Hearing J. Cole singing on the hook was a cool little change of pace and he definitely spazzed on his verse.

“If we the new slaves, I am Frederick Douglass, ahead of the others.”

Click play and tell us it doesn’t make you wish you knew how to rap.

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