Basquiat Tributes Tees Are Still DOPE For The Summer

dope-basquiat-tribute-t-shirt-01 (1)

Are we tired of Basquiat shirts  yet or nah? DOPE Clothing definitely isn’t, as they drop this wavy tee of the late abstractionist for the summer ’14. Keeping the design simple and clean, it captures the essence of the New York City legend, while leaving a bit up to imagination.

DOPE joins Reebok, NEFF and a slew of other retailers who have paid tribute to pop art icons such as Keith Haring, Warhol and Basquiat. Though this might not be the most dynamic piece we’ve seen from these tributes, it still does the important task of keeping the name and work of the artist alive. Did you know that Basquiat rarely named his paintings? So, the next time some asks you what your favorite piece from him is, just call them on their sh*t.

Click below and shop through all the DOPE at Karmaloop right now.



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