Behind The Scenes Of “Feelings” With Chinx Drugz and French Montana

Some people might be a little taken aback by the name Chinx Drugz, but once you hear the explanation, all your fears of an un-PC backstory will be quelled. The second name is obviously a reference to his slanging days, and it turns out he got the first name because he used to get blunted all the time in school and some girl called him Chinky because his eyes were… well… OK, maybe it is actually a little un-PC. But when you hear his new track “Feelings” ft. French Montana from the forthcoming release I’ll Take It From Here, you’ll be so enamored with his style and flow that all your PC tendencies will disintegrate.

The new video for “Feelings” is due out later this week, and as a little preview, Karmaloop TV presents this short behind-the-scenes doc on its making. See Chinx return to his neighborhood in the Far Rockaway Projects to capture the real-life experience of growing up there.

Stay tuned to GURU for the video release later this week. In the meantime, let’s bump “Feelings” like 300 times.

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