The Raucous, Unsavory Shenanigans Behind The Scenes Of Our Holiday Gift Guide Shoot! [Vine Playlist]

Holiday season is fast approaching and people everywhere are in a state of panic. What presents should I buy? How many vacation days can I take off? WHERE CAN I FIND THEM HOT DEALS?!

Well, panic no more. We dedicated our day to filming a shitload of gift guides to walk y’all through the intricate process of streetwear gift shopping. Our resident fly guys/smooth talkers/maniacs Mr. Sameer Naseem and Sir Gitoo Coochie Frito break it all down for you as they heroically embrace the holiday spirit. The full video gift guides will be ready for your viewing pleasure in a week or so, but in the mean time, check out last year’s gift guide (above) and enjoy these behind-the-scenes Vine moments we captured today (click the speaker icon on the upper left of the Vine to enable sound):


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