The Best Menswear…For Women


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When it comes to fashion, we always assume that our favorite celebrities are decked out in completely unaffordable designer gear, consisting of the rarest ostrich feathers and black panther tears. Though this might hold true at times, the reality is that it is easy to get glammed up, for a lot less. One lonely evening, while we were combing through Rihanna’s Instagram, we couldn’t help but notice how she pulls off the tomboy look with the utmost finesse.  Now, we all know how easy (read: cheap) that is to put together, and it got our gears turning… Check out our best menswear for women:

1. Rihanna: Riri rocked a leather baseball jersey and a pair of fitted mens’ shorts alongside a black bustier on her 777 Tour. The bustier adds a feminine touch to what’s otherwise a relaxed, laid-back look. While it’s hard for Rihanna to look bad, if she had kept the jersey buttoned, she would have run the risk of looking stunted and boxy. Paired with heels and a bold lipstick (red or plum would work great!) this tomboyish outfit instantly becomes sexy.


2. Drake’s Ex-girlfriend: Another great look from Rihanna. A billowy, oversized men’s shirt makes for a great cover-up for tighter, more glamorous outfits. They dress the outfit down just enough to give you a cool and casual flare without completely taking away from the outfit’s original spirit.


3. Teyana TaylorTeyana’s sense of style doesn’t betray who she is: it’s her bold attitude that’s always at the forefront. Teyana is the essence of tomboy with slouched pants, a layered hoodie and sneakers. The secret to why she always looks so put together lies in two things — fit and that amazing hair. “Fit” doesn’t mean they have to be perfectly tailored, though, they just need to work with your body type. Teyana has small hips, so her jeans fall on her well. This look will look best on more slender frames. Another girl who works it well? Angel Haze.


4. Taylor Swift –  The beauty of brogues is that they can be worn so many ways. We think they look best with a loose pair of jeans and a button down shirt with some light, feminine accessories. This look is perfect for the first day of school or a casual day at the office.  Depending on your body type, this outfit can be tweaked–it’d look great with slimmer fitting pants, too.


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