Who Had The Best Remix For Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”?


If you haven’t smashed to Bey’s smash single, “Drunk in Love” yet, you need to find yourself a partner and some drank ASAP. The infectious, bass heavy banger was the perfect soundtrack for you to cupcake with your #boothang through the colder months of cuffing season. For whatever reason, it seems like many artists waited a bit to remix, with a majority of them coming around Valentine’s Day (wait, never mind, that makes sense), but now that most of them are out, it’s time to find who did it the best.

We rounded up the cream of the crop and put them right here for you. Listen and be the judge.

1. Kanye West

If you’ve wondered about what Kanye thinks about Kim and her ass-ets, this remix should answer all your questions. Yeezy gets extra raunchy for an hilarious, entertaining and well done verse. Definitely not mad at this.

2. The Weeknd

This might be our favorite. The Weeknd completely redoes the song, with new verses and a fresh flip on the hook. Something about this sounds so natural, it almost doesn’t sound like a remix. Digging it.

3. Diplo

Diplo adds his signature touch, with the frenetic synths and crazy buildups, giving this song a whole new feel for the club. The climax at the end, though? Spring break music for real.

4. DJ Ted Smooth

Our sleeper for sure. Ted Smooth takes to a different dimension, throwing ASAP Ferg’s “Work” instrumental behind Bey for a mind-fucking sonic experience.

So, there it is. Who do y’all think got off? Let us know in the comments!

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