Beyonce Lives Out Her Cabaret Dancer Dreams In New “Partition” Video

Warning: If you are the thirsty type, please do not watch this without a gallon jug of water within arm’s reach.

If you thought Beyonce’s Grammy Awards performance was a little steamy, then you need to prepare yourself before pressing play on this one. Continuing to push the boundaries of her sexuality, Queen Bey drops a jaw dropping visual with this one. Starting this video as a stunning housewife at breakfast, she quickly slips into a daydream which involves her on a stage doing some…freaky thangs. Artfully shot, this video definitely has to be one of B’s most revealing ones to date but who’s complaining? Our favorite part was at the 2:01-2:04 mark, but that’s because we’re very bad at resisting temptation.

Also, continuing his 18-year winning streak, Jay Z makes a slick little cameo in this one. You lucky man.

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