Beyonce Producer BOOTS Debut Mixtape (Kind Of) Dropped – Hear a Star in the Making

When KarmaloopTV’s team created the video for [emuze]Beyonce[/emuze]‘s “No Angel” last winter, our demo of the song was labeled “No Angel- BOOTS,” and that was all we knew about it at the time.  Who or what was Boots?  We found out after the release that Boots is a guy in Brooklyn who produced “No Angel” and about 80% of the album, a huge feat for a newcomer.  Queen B of course knows talent when she hears it, and Boots forthcoming solo work is highly anticipated.  His debut mixtape, Howl in WinterSpringSummerFall, is finally here… sort of.  Boots is notoriously elusive, so information is scarce about the completeness of this mix, but we’re going to do our best to link up with our “No Angel” collaborator for an interview soon.  For now, enjoy the “incomplete” version of the mixtape recently posted on his Soundcloud, and get ready for a taste of a superstar in the making.

If you’re looking for the other boots, like boots you wear, obviously we have those too. 


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