Beyonce’s Mystery Producer, Boots, Drops Another Gem Of A Video On Us

If you haven’t heard the name Boots, we don’t blame you. A mysterious signee to the Roc Nation who just happened to produce much of [emuze]Beyonce[/emuze]’s self titled album (uhh..), there are no photos or visual evidence of his existence on the internet. The mystery continues as he drops his latest self-directed video for “EST.”

Boots captures scenes random scenes of nature and pop culture while the spacey synths and vocals sit on top, guiding the listener through a journey that does not particular start or end anywhere. A welcomingly trippy experience, to say the least. Keep an ear out to hear more from Boots and click to get the full story on how KarmaloopTV linked up with Beyonce for her “No Angel” video.

Watch a teaser of the KarmaloopTV directed video for Beyonce’s No Angel. Yeah, we did that. 

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