Is BIA the first female to mix Spanish, Trap, and Hip-Hop together? [Music Video Premiere]

BIA, [emuze]Pharrell[/emuze]’s latest artist, first caught our attention when she spit over Drake’s “We Made It” a couple months ago. Since then, the I Am Other signee has been steadily building her fanbase with new visuals and an Instagram that ALWAYS stays poppin’. Today, we are proud to premiere her latest video for “La Tirana” and show why BIA might be the new queen on the scene in 2014.

Directed by @illusivemedia, this video provides the backdrop for BIA to mix her unique style of Spanish-laced trap music with her gold fronts and snapbacks. According to director Shomi Patwary, “I wanted something clean with a black background and channel the energy of the early day Hype Williams rap videos.” Fusing in his signature trippy edits, this video bounces has a trap visual aesthetic while still capturing the essence of late-90s hip-hop videos. BIA’s flow on this is definitely something different, mixing in a Spanish sing-song section followed by some hard-hitting braggadocios bars, leaving us craving to finally go and get a grill made.

Click play to watch BIA get her swerve on and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Does Pharrell have another major victory around the corner with her?

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