[MUSIC VIDEO] Justin Bieber Escapes Legal Trouble By Teleporting To Japan

Right now in real life, Justin Bieber is dealing with a criminal assault charge for allegedly assaulting a limo driver in Toronto. And just a few days ago, he beat the law after getting charged with a DUI and drag racing in damn Ferrari. We see you, Biebs.

He’s on the other side of the world from these legal speed bumps in his new, sleek, Colin Tilley-directed video for “Confident.” He’s chasing a babe through the streets of what looks like Tokyo with a cornball pickup line ready – “Takis? What are Takis? I would like to talk-i to you on the phone!” Unfortunately, the line doesn’t get the job done, but (spoiler alert!) Biebs gets the girl at the end.

Also in this video we get a quick Chance The Rapper cameo. We wish he had a 16 instead of an 8, but he comes with one of his freshest looks to date. Black/white Jordan-1s, drop-crotch pants (lent to him by Bieber?), black tee, and a bucket hat to top it off. We see you shining, Chance.

In related news, Obama is going to have to respond to a petition to deport Justin Bieber. Stay strong, Biebs.

Are you looking for some pants as cool as Chance’s? We got you. 


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