Billionaire Boys Club Heats It Up With Their 2014 Summer Lookbook

Although a little late, it’s better than never. Billionaire Boys Club waited a little longer than usual to drop their summer line this year, but it delivers again. ┬áRevamping their all over print game, as well as adding some new vintage 90’s inspired sport pieces, this line looks like a strong player for the summer.

Featuring a couple more womens pieces than usual, BBC has a couple different flavors this time around. With tanks and polos inspired by vintage Tommy Hilfiger gear, with colorblocked sleeves and collegiate fonts, this is a slightly new direction from BBC but we’re definitely not mad. It’s pretty incredible how BBC has been able to keep all-over print alive for so long, but hey, it still looks good when they do it, so rock on.

Click below to get your new BBC gear on Karmaloop tonight.


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