Aaliyah’s Biopic Set to Premiere This Fall: We Pick Her 3 Best Looks

Aaliyah and Zendaya

By @Melizards

[emuze]Aaliyah[/emuze] became the “princess of R&B” with her sweet-and-street brand of music and style. Her breathy vocals and tomboyish silhouettes garnered her global respect and adoration. In 2001, at the peak of her career, Aaliyah’s life saw a tragic end when the singer died in a plane crash. The accident had a profound impact on fans, shattering hearts around the world. Her legacy left a void in the R&B community that can still be felt today.

The renowned singer’s life and death will finally be immortalized in a biopic recently announced to premiere on Lifetime this coming Fall, with Disney star Zendaya Coleman set to play the role of Aaliyah. We’re not sure if it’s creepy or cute that Zendaya recently dressed up as the R&B singer this past Halloween in her signature Tommy Hilfiger look (pictured above). Hopefully the film will offer a touching glimpse into the history of the talented and beautiful artist.

Aaliyah’s distinct attire was marked by crop tops, baggy hammer-style pants, sports jerseys, Tommy Hilfiger, and other classic staples of hip-hop culture at the time. Her iconic style continues to influence modern music and fashion, so we picked some of our favorite outfits of hers to draw inspiration from. RIP.

aaliyah tommy lookThe Tommy Hilfiger look: Aaliyah had quite a penchant for the all-American brand. As a result of her influential style, Tommy Hilfiger continues to be an iconic brand in streetwear culture.

a25fa84498bf4f712ace9688bf7b99b1The monochrome look: these outfits contributed a punk edginess to Aaliyah’s classic hip-hop tomboy attire. The crisp contrast of all black-and-white will never go out of style

aaliyah camoThe camouflage look: military-chic Aaliyah is ready for the army…or a music video. Camouflage and hip-hop go hand in hand like Eminem and Dr. Dre.

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