Black and Gold: The World’s Most Dangerously Luxurious Color Combo [STYLE GUIDE]


My black and gold reading room at my extra apartment I let my side chicks stay in sometimes.

When you think of black and gold, what do you picture?  Pharaohs, pimps, $1000 a night hotel rooms, 80’s opulence, ornamental vases (pronounced vahhh-zez) and Versace Versace Versace comes to mind.  Black and gold is one of the most striking color combos possible, the black acting merely as the background to emphasize the shimmer of the worlds most celebrated element.  Let’s face it, wearing all black and gold makes you look like an obscenely rich and possibly obscenely dangerous badass. Summer is just around the corner, but let’s take one last look at this power duo before all these cheerful bright colors and non-rich-as-fuck styles take over for a few months.



The classic G-Shock watch.  Now 1000% more luxurious, since it’s a Black and Gold G-Shock.



Dope Precise Gold Metal Snapback.  Laugh haughtily at your friends who have don’t have gold on their snapbacks.  Then give them some change for some food or something.



Reason knows.  This Reason t-shirt is printed in GOLD.  The Reason Vigilante Tee matches our luxurious, yet dangerous lifestyle.



You see this black and gold print a lot in my various homes and apartments.  That’s why it’s on this Black Scale tank top. 



Yes this Black Scale ring is on some Illuminati shit. We wear this Seventh Star ring because we make money with the Illuminati all day. That’s why we only wear black and gold and we take baths in champagne in our black and gold bathtubs.  Wear this ring and join us! (evil laugh) (don’t join us in the bathtub, join us like, on the stoop or something with a 40.)

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