Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Over For You [STYLE GUIDE]


Halloween is an interesting, distinctly American tradition–guys dress up as girls, girls dress up as sluts and everyone gets too drunk to remember any of it. Yet, without fail, every year millions of people spend the last week of October scrambling to find an outfit that will get them the most street cred, the weirdest looks on the street, and the most respect in eyes of their peers. Then, as night falls, they all take to the streets like it was 1775 and party like its 1999. Only in America.

But after tonight, Halloween will be over, you’ll have raged to the end of your wits, and you’ll be forced to return to your boring old life. If this bums you out, don’t worry–we can relate. Instead of complaining, we came up with a guide of halloween-inspired gear that can be worn well after October 31st. Check them out below.

 1. Adidas ZX700 Black and Orange

These are one of the cleanest runners in Adidas‘ product line right now. Combining a sleek, low-profile look with distinct color blocking, the ZX700s are a versatile sneaker that can be worn casually or to hit the pavement.



2. Crooks and Castles Firing Squad Sweatshirt

Crooks delivers a bold look with this one. This crewneck will pair well with some dark denim and the Adidas’ above.

Karmaloop_Sweater_1 Karmaloop_Sweater_2

3. Nixon Regain Beanie

This beanie is dope because of the shade of orange; it’s bright enough to stand out, but not enough to make you look like a construction worker. A great look for skaters or people who are always on the move and need a little shelter from the elements.

Karmaloop_Nixon_2 Karmaloop_Nixon_Hat

4. NEFF Deuce Watch

NEFF does it again. The black and orange contrast really well, making this watch literally pop off your wrist.

Karmaloop_NEFF_Organge_Watch Karmaloop_NEFF_Black_Watch

5. Mitchell and Ness Philadelphia Flyers Long Sleeve

Whether you’re a Philly fan or not, you can’t deny this shirt. A long sleeve tee modeled after the iconic Flyers jersey–there’s really not much more we need to say. Get Fly-er.

Karmaloop_Mitchell_Ness Karmaloop_Mitchell_Ness_2



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