BLACK POWER: This Summer We’ll See a Black Takeover [STYLE GUIDE]

LATHC t-shirt Black Scale tank top illuminati t-shirts

Choose your unholy:  Sleeves or sleeveless. Check this LATHC t-shirt and Black Scale tank top. 

You know a fall trend’s serious when summer arrives and the trend just goes “Nah bruh, I’m not leaving… Colors?  Oh hell nah.  Black on black on black all day every day.  It’s the summer of BLACK POWER and y’all gonna have to DEAL WITH IT.”  Yes, fall and winter got an extension and are continuing all year long.  Wearing black in the sun will make you feel hot, but you’ll look cool.  Plus, you can ease your wardrobe seamlessly back into fall without changing anything at all.

trainspotter shorts elwood shorts bandanna shorts felix the cat shorts

This dudes knees are kinda weird.  But the shorts are dope.  Yes those are Felix the Cat shorts on the right by Trainspotting!  The Elwood shorts on the left are Elwood Bandanna Chino shorts.

Between you and us however, we know there’s another reason for this black takeover.   It’s because you are all vampires.  You don’t see the sun anyways.  You have tons of money for clothes because you are 600 years old, already paid off your mausoleum, and blood is free, or at least your victims don’t have a chance to send you a bill.  So embrace your nocturnal lifestyle- be proud our undead brothers in #swag.  It’s going to be a black summer, and we made it that way just for you.  By the way, you look very young for a 600 year old, we’re impressed.

40 oz van hat dope hat

This 40oz Van Hat is in collaboration with G-Pen:  It comes as a kit with a G-Pen and the hat to boot!  Incredible!  And keeping with the theme, of course we have the Dope Snapback.  Classic.

Shop all of our black on black on black on black looks here!  And remember, this summer, it’s all about BLACK POWER.

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