Black Scale And Gourmet Link Up For A Monster Summer Collab

We just featured Gourmet Footwear’s Summer collection on here a few days ago, but little did we know that things would ramp up even more. Streetwear behemoth Black Scale has linked up with Gourmet to produce an exclusive line for the summer, featuring updated designs and materials on their popular 35 Lite X and Quattro models.

As big fans of Gourmet (check out our interview with their head honcho here), we can definitely say this collection is doing it for us. The influence of Black Scale’s signature branding is subtle and adds a clean refresh to the already popular sneakers. Both sneakers have a little python/snakeskin action, so if you were tryna be #rare this summer, look no further.

Click play if you like babes and sand dunes and scroll through the product photos to get a better look at what they have in the works. Karmaloop_Guru_Shop_Brandblack-scale-x-gourmet-footwear-summer-2014-collection-lookbook-2-570x380





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