BLEU AVENUE: Hit Miami For Art Basel With Tasha Bleu

Basel Castle (17)

Tasha Bleu is a men’s style photographer for Karmaloop and founder of TREU BLEU IMAGERY. Bleu Avenue is her weekly style diary, showcasing the dopest in menswear shot in her inimitable style. 

While most of us were freezing our asses off on the East Coast, our resident style photographer Tasha Bleu was out in Miami for Art Basel, capturing the waviest moments of the weekend. The best way to describe Art Basel would be a mash up of art galleries, exhibitions, and parties, all set in the Art Deco backdrop of sunny Miami. Conveniently, it happens to take place smack dab in the middle of December, when the only thing you want to do is be on a beach looking at girls… and art, of course.

Check out Tasha’s photo set from the weekend to peep all the fresh fashions from Art Basel. 


Basel Castle (18) Basel Castle (19) Basel Castle (20) Basel Castle (21) Basel Castle (22) Basel Castle (23) Basel Castle (24) Basel Castle (26)

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