One Of The Greatest Rock Songs Ever Gets An Innovative Twist 48 Years Later

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Almost five decades late, Bob Dylan released a new interactive music video for his classic “Like a Rolling Stone,” and it’s amazing. Fitting for perhaps the most influential, iconic rock song ever, the video breaks new ground in the music video format. Essentially, you’re watching TV and can flip through various channels, with each one featuring people mouthing the words to the song while acting out typical TV show scenes. There’s a History channel, ESPN channel, a kids channel, a cooking channel, The Price Is Right, one of those shopping channels your grandmother watches, Pawn Stars, and even a Danny Brown music video. The Danny Brown channel features him eating a burrito on a swing, munching on a slice of pizza with animated eyes on the street, and gobbling matzah while laying on the sidewalk.

We were first skeptical that an idea this ambitious could be well executed, but it’s flawless. No crashing or waiting for buffering halfway through. Just 16 simultaneously running channels that you can smoothly flip between. Big ups to director Vania Heymann.  Click here to experience the craziness.

Rock out to Bob Dylan with that 70s steez:


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