Boldy James’ New Video For “Moochie” Is HARD

Boldy James, if nothing else, is patient. The 31-year-old Detroit rapper had been writing rhymes since he was a teenager, but didn’t release a project until 2011, when he dropped his mixtape Trapper’s Alley: Pros and Cons. You can hear that patience in his music–he isn’t in a rush to push shit out. Each word is deliberate. It’s easy to write him off as just another rapper glorifying violence and drug dealing, but a closer listen reveals a deeper, more honest look at real life in the hood.

Since releasing his first tape, Boldy has been rocking shows and collaborating with top-tier artists, a constant hustle culminating in the release of his debut album My First Chemistry Set.  Entirely produced by legendary heavyweight Alchemist, the grimy, hard-hitting album has been making serious waves in the underground scene over the past month.

His new video for “Moochie,” while relatively simple concept-wise, is a perfect counterpart to the song, featuring crazy visual effects and written words over Boldy spitting ferociously in a dark room. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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