Get Booted Up For The Winter [STYLE GUIDE]


Whether you want to admit or not, winter is creeping in fast and you should start making preparations soon. Trying to be a tough guy in that frail Old Navy jacket of yours is not the move, and it’s definitely time to retire those beat up pair of Vans you’ve had since the spring. Regardless of where you live at, it is wise to keep a pair of fly boots on deck.

The right pair of boots add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe, allowing you to dress things up a little while adding some edge to your otherwise simple outfit. For some of us, boots play a much more practical role, helping us trudge through snow and slime in the lonely winter months. The road to picking the right boot isn’t exactly easy; you will have to weigh materials, style, cut, and price before you can find the right one. Fortunately, we did most of the legwork for you already, so sit back and get cozy with our Booted Up Style Guide.

1. Timberland Moc Toe Boot

Timberland does a rendition of a the classic 6″ Moc Boot, popularized by Red Wing and a staple of vintage American workwear. These feature a rich, dark brown leather with a high cut profile and durable rubber outsole. A distinctively clean boot that goes great with any pair of khaki or camo pants.


2. Comune Reed Boot in Tan 

This rugged, yet formal boot from Comune will instantly make your life easier. Wear this formally during the day at your internship and then casually at night without ever looking out of place. Made of high quality leather, this boot is well worth the investment.


3. J Shoes Buxton Boot

This is tapered profile boot from J Shoes is a rarity. Mixing a leather upper and EVA outsole, this is a boot that will treat you well during the winter months. Would also look great with a pair of slim camo sweatpants or fitted denim.


4. Adidas Winter Ball Boot

Sneaker boots made an emergence a few years ago with the Nike Foamdomes and this winter, Adidas kills it with the blacked out Ball Boot. A multi purpose boot which has a little bit of a lower cut than the ones above, this joint is for all those who prefer sweatpants of jeans and crewnecks over sweaters.


5. SWIMS Charles 2 Boot 

SWIMS brings us this innovative redesign of the traditional brogue boot, and it’s too dope to ignore. Mixing synthetic uppers and a durable sole, this boot is unlike any other. Be the only one on your block with these, guaranteed.



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