Brand Spotlight: 10 Deep’s Final Holiday 2013 Collection



If it seems like 10 Deep released three different holiday collections this year, it’s because they did. As the final installment of their series, they go all-floral and hit us with a jacket, tee and buttondown shirt.

There’s just something very trill about wearing floral prints in the winter, it’s almost like you’re the only person unaffected by the cold and bullshit.If you didn’t pick up any 10 Deep in 2013, it’s still not too late.


10deep-2013-holiday-collection-2 10deep-2013-holiday-collection-7

10deep-2013-holiday-collection-810deep-2013-holiday-collection-6 10deep-2013-holiday-collection-5 10deep-2013-holiday-collection-3

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